Heart Healthy Tea

“Drinking tea regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart.” – from the Tea Association of Canada

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Organic/Caffeine Free/Vegan/Gluten Free

Hawthorn Berry, ginger root, oat straw, linden flower, rosehip, lemon balm, lemon verbena

This is a list of the features and properties of these ingredients. Remember, this tea is not to be considered a cure for any ailments or specific health issues and we do recommend checking with your health care professional before use.

Ginger Root

• Anti-inflammatory
• Prevents gas and bloating
• Stress reliever
• Metabolism booster
• Soothes muscle pain

Hawthorn Berry

• Relieve indigestion
• Balance blood pressure
• Oxygenate the blood
• Decrease inflammation
• Support focus

Lemon Balm

• Spirit Lifter
• Reliefs cramps from “nervous” stomach
• Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Improves digestive complaints
• Helps memory

Lemon Verbena

• Boosts immune system
• Relieves stomach issues
• Helps regulate appetite
• Aids in weight loss
• Reduces joint pain

Linden Flower

• Lowers blood pressure
• Prevents chronic disease
• Reduces tension, headaches, arthritis and gout
• Helps to lower fevers
• Stimulates proper digestion

Oat Straw

• Ease stress and anxiety
• Sharpen memory, focus and concentration
• Reduce brain fog
• Reduce inflammation
• Balance adrenal glands


• Rich in Vitamin C, magnesium and manganese
• Reduces inflammation
• Supports the immune system
• Promotes collagen synthesis
• Treats colds and asthma

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