Fun in the Sun with Iced Tea

As we get into the heart of summer, many people forget about all of the wonderful options you can have with tea. Of course in the States, that can be another story as they have Sweet Tea throughout the year.

What I recommend is to begin using tea in more creative ways. For example, you can brew a pot of tea and stick it in the fridge to have your tea chilled or iced. Tea can also brew it in the sun (Sun Tea) and it brews naturally over the course of the day(s). Another option is to brew cold tea and use it in carbonated water. This will give your drink a lovely twist and all the added benefits that tea provides, with no extra calories. In addition, cold fruit tea can also be used as a mix as oppose to pop… Just putting that out there. ?

Of course one of my fun experiences so far this summer is making a bunch of infused water, which uses herbs, fruits and vegetables to give water a refreshing taste. Really you cannot go wrong with most options but I do have some favourites I like to use. So if your wanting to use up some of your tea or try something new, be bold, be creative and be refreshed all summer long.

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