Energy Tea

This delicious blend was designed especially for those times during the day when you need a little pick me up and might reach for sugar! Avoid the impending sugar crash and amp up your day and energy level with an uplifting cup of tea instead.

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Organic/Gluten Free/Soy Free/Vegan

Organic green tea, green mate, hawthorn berries, licorice root, orange peel, oat straw, nettle

This is a list of the features and properties of these ingredients. Remember, this tea is not to be considered a cure for any ailments or specific health issues and we do recommend checking with your health care professional before use.

Green Tea

• Increase metabolism
• Promote healthy cell growth
• Boost concentration
• High in anti-oxidants

Green Mate

• Boost energy
• Reduce appetite
• Fight fatigue
• Boosts Immunity
• Contains 24 vitamins/minerals and 15 amino acids

Hawthorn Berry

• Relieve indigestion
• Balance blood pressure
• Oxygenate the blood
• Decrease inflammation
• Support focus

Licorice Root

• Reduces Heart burn
• Treats leaky gut
• Aids in adrenal fatigue
• Menopause support


• Reduce inflammation
• Lower stress hormones
• Facilitates nutrient intake
• Rich in Vitamins A, C, and iron and potassium
• Reduce fluid retention

Oat Straw

• Ease stress and anxiety
• Sharpen memory, focus and concentration
• Reduce brain fog
• Reduce inflammation
• Balance adrenal glands

Orange Peel

• Improve digestion
• Speed metabolism
• High in Vitamin C, B, calcium, magnesium, potassium and riboflavin
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-allergy
• Support Heart health


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