The Hard Truth of Mindfulness: A Way to Keep it Real

You want to know the truth? Mindfulness is hard! There I said it… I don’t know about you but it has been a challenge to be more mindful lately. What I mean by mindfulness, is keeping the mind clear and living in the present moment. Not letting your head get caught up in all of the self talk and the future “what if’s”. Anyone else have this problem?

I guess that is another great reason why drinking tea is so beneficial. Because it gives me the permission I need to take a minute and enjoy the moment. The smell, the aroma, the taste, the inner reflection etc… I sometimes find myself staring into space while I sip my cuppa, however I also find more clarity, great ideas, or answers to my unsolved mysteries.  This is because I am being more mindful about what I am doing and it allows my body to catch up with my brain.

So if you are looking for a chance to wind down and relax… Steep a cup of your favourite tea and become mindful. You can eventually move that into day-to-day activities. For example: sitting at a light in the car, standing in line at the grocery store, coaxing yourself to sleep at night. There are so many moments like these we take for granted. When we can really begin to BE in the present moment and become more mindful about what we are feeling and thinking, things will begin to shift for the better.

Here are some wonderful Benefits of Mindfulness:

– Helps with regulating emotions.

– Improves sleep.

– Creates clarity and mental focus.

– Heightens body awareness.

– Fights memory loss.

– Enhances listening skills

– Reduces stress.

– Reduces chronic pain.

– Boosts energy levels.

If that doesn’t convince you to be more mindful, I don’t know what will! Shop our collection here.

Happy Tea-ing Mindfully.

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