French Vanilla Matcha

Combines delicious Matcha green tea with a vanilla twist. Comes in a 50g or 200g bag.



Organic/Vegan/Gluten Free

Get ready to rock it!!

Matcha is green tea that is ground up into a fine powder. Instead of steeping it, you can mix it right in. In fact, it is a great option for blending with other fun things like protein shakes, smoothies, baked goods etc. We like to say we put that sh*t in everything. Because it is just that good. Not only is it easy to drink, it has 10x the extra benefits and boost that regular green tea can offer, because it is so highly condensed. This particular delicious Matcha is combined with a French vanilla twist. How can you go wrong? Enjoy it in a 50g or 200g bag.

Organic green tea, cane sugar, French vanilla flavour, natural citric acid.

Steeping Instructions
Bring fresh water to 80C, add 1tbsp of Matcha to an 8oz cup and mix.

Origin: China

Additional information

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50g, 200g, Sample, 250g, 100g