Dog Person


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My best friend and fur baby all in one.

We all know there are two types of people, dog people and cat people. If you’re reading this, you love dogs and they love you. Dogs bring an indescribable amount of joy to humans everywhere. Why are they the best? They love you unconditionally, they don’t talk back, they are there for you when you need them, and they will not betray you. Here are some signs you could be a dog person:

  1. Your camera roll is made up of mostly pictures of your dog.
  2. You have normal conversations with your dog on a regular basis.
  3. When you can’t resist a dog in public.
  4. When your friends know your dogs name without ever having met it.
  5. You constantly look up dog pictures and videos.
  6. You Facetime with your dog.
  7. You follow dog accounts on Instagram.
  8. You can’t stand cats and you think less of those who do.
  9. You’d rather have a dog than a kid.
  10. You’re ruined for all other guys or gals because they don’t compare to your dog.

Comes in a 50g bag.


Organic indulgashinna green tea.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 1 tsp for 1-3 min with water at 80C.

*Idulgashinna organic tea garden is the world’s first certified tea garden, producing both premium quality black and green teas. Idulgashinna is located in the Uva region with elevations from 1000 to 1900 metres. This estate has earned the distinction of producing some of the finest organic green teas which are highly sought after by connoisseurs the world over.*